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Justice Pro-Se Of Michigan

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Monthly Assembly

Second Tuesday of Every Month
7:30 To 10:00 PM EDT

Henry Ford Centennial Library Auditorium
16301 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, Michigan

1/2 Mile East of Southfield Freeway M39

Capacity limited to first 268.

Call (313)382-8282 for assembly schedule and to reconfirm all dates and locations.

If You Have
Comments Or Questions
Please Click Here.

Contact Justice Pro-Se At:

Justice Pro-Se Of Michigan
PO Box 1809
Dearborn, Mi 48121


Freedom Ring
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Justice Pro-Se offer a collection
of audio and video tapes of past guest interviews.

These, along with other Patriotic items,
can be obtained at
The Justice Pro-Se Shop.

What is Justice Pro-Se???

"Pro-Se" means literally "advocate of the self." A fundamental right of an individual in any court in the United States is the right to appear "Pro-Se"; to represent yourself without the use of a lawyer. While states have made it illegal to "practice law without a license" in representing another person, you need not be a lawyer to do everything in court for yourself.

Justice Pro-SE is an Un-Incorporated Association of Free Inhabitants committed to pursuing justice and individual rights. The purpose and goals are to study, understand, and defend the inherent, unalienable Rights secured under the North-West Ordinance, Ordained by the united States in Congress assembled, July 13 1787, the Michigan Constitution and the Constitution for the United States of America; to promote the pursuit of justice through the enlightenment and education of Free inhabitants on issues critical to our Republic.

Justice Pro-Se will not be intimidated by the organized effort to chill the ardor of Americans to exercise their rights but remains committed to pursuing justice and individual rights.


If you don't know your rights,

you don't have any!

Michigan FOIA Information Page
MCLA FOIA Code & Examples of FOIA requests.

Past Assemblies
Past Assembly flyers
Monthly assembly flyer since July '96
(with contact information for most speakers!)

Carl's Corner
Carl's Corner
Lessons From Carl Miller
Last Update: 10/29/2001

Document Page
Featuring The New Declaration of Independance!

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Henry Dudzinski, a retired Detroit police officer, has evidence
of obstructions in the administration of justice in local Michigan courts
Read about his story Here

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